ABS Anti-Lock Brakes

ABS Anti-Lock Brakes

An anti-lock braking system, which is abbreviated as ABS, is a type of braking system that is classified as an automobile safety system. The main task of the ABS is to prevent the wheels from locking up in poor road conditions or when a driver is trying to make a quick stop. If the wheels lock up (cease rotation), uncontrolled skidding could occur.

An anti-lock braking system uses the principles of threshold braking and cadence braking, both of which are techniques developed by highly skilled drives with normal brakes. Essentially, these techniques use a controlled application of the brake pedal. This controlled application avoids “slamming” on the brakes, instead employing intermittent application of force to the brake pedal. The natural inclination of someone wanting to stop quickly is to slam down on the brake pedal, which will often cause the wheels to lock up, making them lose control and work against their intentions.

The ABS factors in this natural inclination by allowing a driver to slam on the brake pedal. The ABS will then perform its role, allowing a panicked driver to concentrate on stopping the vehicle/avoiding a collision instead of pumping the brakes strategically.

Anti-lock brakes are extremely beneficial in most circumstances, including dry and wet conditions. They will drastically reduce stopping distances on normal driving surfaces. The only situation that an ABS might be detrimental is on loose road surfaces like gravel. On these surfaces stopping distances might actually increase, although vehicle control is still improved overall.

The anti-lock braking system on a car, truck, motorcycle, etc. is a complex system that has many components, such as speed sensors (which allow the system to recognize when a lock up is about to occur), valves, pumps, and controllers. Any one of these things might go wrong with the ABS.

We’ve got the mechanics, expertise, and equipment to provide you exceptional anti-lock brake repairs, no matter what the problem is. We service all foreign makes and models, including Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Volvo, Volkswagen, and more!




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