When you need the experienced services in San Diego, CA, look no further than Mr. Car Auto Care. It does not matter if you need an oil change or a Brake Job, bring your car to our shop today for service. We can provide you with superior honesty, and friendly service each time you bring your car into our garage. Stop by today to have routine maintenance performed.

Anti-lock brakes are an advanced braking system that uses an automated system to reproduce a special braking technique that can drastically reduce stopping times. Anti-lock Brake Repair »

Car air conditioning is a convenient feature in any car or truck that can greatly increase the comfort for both you and your passengers. Car Air Conditioning Repair »

The alternator is part of the power system in your car’s engine. The alternator generates a charge that is used to recharge the battery and to power ancillary components in your vehicle, such as interior lights. Alternators»

Transmission flushing is required if the transmission fluid in your transmission is old. A transmission flush can save you thousands of dollars as it prevents the great friction that would take place in the transmission without it. If this friction occurs, your transmission can destroy itself. Transmission Flush Service »

The axle on your vehicle’s drivetrain is what translates power to the wheels and gives them the ability to rotate. The axle is susceptible to failure and can even crack. Axle Repair »

The brakes on your vehicle are one of the few systems in your car that combine performance and safety. The brakes are vital to both, as they are what allows you to stop and to slow down. Brake Repair »

The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system and reduces the toxicity of car exhaust. This is important as it promotes a healthier environment for everything that breathes. Catalytic Converter Repair »

Engine repair is a wide ranging category, but it includes engine repair, engine cleaning, engine tuning, engine installation, and engine overhauling. Engine Repair »

An oil change is a common service done about four times a year. The oil in your car must be regularly changed at certain time or distance intervals in order for your car to function optimally. Oil Change Service »

Tire rotation is done to promote even wear on all of your tires, so that one tire doesn’t wear out before the others. This maximizes the distance and time you have with each set of wheels, which ultimately saves you money. Tire Rotation Service »

We perform many other services as well! Just browse around or check out the sitemap for more options!