Axles / Drive Shafts

Axles / Drive Shafts

The axle of a car or truck is part of the drive train and also the chassis. The axles are the cylindrical mechanisms onto which the wheels are attached and supported. The axle is either fixed, in which the wheels rotate around the axle, or floating, in which the axle actually is what turns the wheels as it spins itself.

In general mechanical terms, an axle is any central shaft upon which a rotating wheel or gear is supported while it performs, or the mechanism by which these gears or wheels are manipulated.

If one of your axles is cracked, broken, or in need of repair or replacement, bring your car or truck to Mr. Car Auto Care; our certified and experienced auto technicians are experts in axle repair. Come see why we’re the most trusted auto shop in town. There are also axles that are driven by the engine that are called drive axles. Most modern cars use front wheel drive. These front wheel drive vehicles combine the transmission and front axle into a single mechanism, called the transaxle.

The transaxle also incorporates other mechanisms, such as the differential, universal joints, and constant velocity joints.

Obviously if your axle is in need of repair, you need to get it done as soon as possible. A faulty axle can cause major problems and will only cause more damage the longer it is left untended.




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