Brake Calipers

Brake Calipers

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As part of the braking system of a car or truck, the brake calipers are the assembly that contains the brake pads and pistons. The brake calipers work with the brake disc to stop the wheels from turning through the application of the brake pads to the spinning tire, which causes friction and slows and eventually stops the spin of the tire.

Brake calipers are either fixed or floating; fixed brake calipers do not move relative to the disc. They are more complex and expensive than the second type of caliper, the floating caliper (or “sliding caliper”). A floating caliper, by contrast to the fixed caliper, moves relative to the disc.

Due to the high friction application of the brakes, certain parts of the brakes can wear down to the point where they are not able to function at an acceptable level. The brake pads are especially prone to this and will need to be replaced regularly. The friction will erode the brake parts and will create a sort of dust on your tires that could damage the finish of the wheels if not cleaned off. This dust is just the grinded bits of the brakes from contact with the spinning wheels.

Our specialty is in foreign makes and models, but we can service any vehicle for brake caliper replacement in San Diego.




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