Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light (malfunction indicator lamp, or MIL, as it is rarely called) is on, it goes without saying that you need to find out why it is on; after all, the check engine light rarely malfunctions and it is generally indicative of a major problem or of something that can develop into a major problem.

The check engine light can be problematic to interpret if you lack the proper equipment, so bring your car to an auto shop where a mechanic can take a look at it. With the proper tools, the check engine light is a snap to interpret.

The check engine light turning on can be worrisome to see, and it could potentially be a serious problem. To avoid unnecessary damage to the engine, don’t take chances with the check engine light. It is better to assume the worst and hope for the best with these kinds of things.

Bring your car or truck over to Mr. Car Auto Care. Our specialty is foreign vehicles, but we’ll work on domestic models as well. Our mechanics have the training, tools, and experience to diagnose and fix any problem that a check engine light may indicate. For quality, accurate service, bring your vehicle to us today!




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