Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement

The clutch is classified as a coupling device and its function is to disassociate the engine and transmission when necessary.

An internal combustion engine must continue to run at all times if it is in use. If the clutch were not present, the engine might turn off at a stoplight when the wheels stop turning.

The clutch is also necessary for changing gears. Without a clutch, heavy force would need to be applied to the transmission to switch gears and would carry the potential to cause critical damage. Even if you have an automatic transmission, there is a clutch present; the clutch in an automatic transmission is merely automated, but it is still there and doing its job.

If you need clutch replacement or repair in San Diego come to Mr. Car Auto Care is the auto shop you should bring your car or truck to. We have trained and certified auto technicians ready to help you with any clutch repairs or clutch problems.

With all the shifting and gear grinding a clutch does, the friction takes a toll. If your clutch is worn down and needs a replacement or repair, come to our Solana Beach auto repair shop.

If you’re looking for a clutch repair in San Diego, look no further than our auto shop. We can perform a quick, affordable clutch job, whether you need repair or a total replacement. Come to Mr. Car Auto Care today!




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