DTC Trouble Codes

DTC Trouble Codes

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) are a series of codes that help a mechanic determine if there are any problems in an engine and what those problems might be.

Developed by SAE International (SAE stands for “Society of Automotive Engineers”), DTC is a remarkable system that helps streamline diagnostic services. For those hard to diagnose engine problems, mechanics turn to the DTC in order to determine the cause. The DTC is reported by the onboard engine computer in your vehicle. With our special tools, we can interface with the onboard computer to determine the exact problem your engine is having.

SAE International is a trusted resource for many auto mechanics nationwide and sets standards of service, measurement, and classification.  The codes they developed help mechanics diagnose a wide range of engine problems, which frees up time for them to fix it and ultimately saves the customer money since the mechanic doesn’t spend as much time and labor merely diagnosing the problem, much less fixing it. If you have a strange, hard to pin down engine problem, come to Mr. Car Auto Care. DTC diagnosis is a quick, convenient way to interpret an engine problem and will save you time and money.




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