Emission Repair

Emission Repair

Emissions service covers the emission system of your vehicle. The emission system of your car is part of the exhaust system. The exhaust system serves the purpose of eliminating waste and gas from the car via the exhaust pipe.

The emission system is the system that purifies, to the best of its ability, the emissions from the exhaust system. This system includes the catalytic converter, which is what actually lessens the toxicity of your exhaust, and sensors such as the O2 sensor, and valves such as the EGR.

The emissions system is an important system that shouldn’t be neglected. Though it is easy to overlook the emission system, it is the responsible thing to do to keep it in working order, as it drastically reduces the toxicity of car exhaust, which helps everyone in the community stay healthier. The added pollution can lessen the quality of air in town. Not only that, but a vehicle can’t pass inspection without a functioning emission system.

If your emissions system isn’t up to snuff and you need emission repair, come to Mr. Car Auto Care, there’s no better auto shop to bring your car. We’re especially proficient in foreign vehicle models, but work just as well on domestic models when it comes to emission repair service.




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