Engine Motor Mounts

Engine Motor Mounts

The motor mount (or engine mount) in a vehicle is simply the structure upon which the engine is supported and by which the engine connects to the frame of the car. The most common materials used in a motor mount are rubber and some sort of metal. The metal is used for strength; one end is bolted to the engine and the other to the frame.

The rubber in the motor mount acts as a cushion, a countermeasure against the inevitable rocking and jarring that occurs while a car is in motion. The rubber doesn’t just cushion, but also helps to absorb shocks. The motor mount is vital to the support and protection of the most vital component of any vehicle: the engine. Though simple, the motor mount is extremely important and must be kept in good condition at all times and at all costs.

Though the motor mount is durable and simple in design, it has the potential to experience problems and can be susceptible to breakage. If your motor mount is broken, there are ways to tell. If you rev the engine and feel excessive vibration, then that is a sign that the engine is loose in the engine compartment and is clanking around. Rattling and knocking sounds when idling are another sign that the motor mount is faulty.

If you need a motor mount replacement in Chula Vista, come to Mr. Car Auto Care, especially if you own an Asian or European make, our specialties. We have certified mechanics who will be able to quickly tell if your engine mount needs replacement or repair. Come by today!




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