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Engine repair service is a fairly general term and can apply to a broad category of auto service; pretty much anything to do with the engine can be categorized as engine repair. More specifically, however, engine repair refers to any auto repair service that is done to an engine on a more holistic level. When you service an engine overall, you do an engine repair.

This engine repair, also called engine tuning, is done for a number of reasons, including fixing a problem that harms the engine or the engine’s performance, to optimize or improve performance, or to make the engine more economical or durable.

Engine tuning and engine repair is as old as the engine; drivers have always tampered with their engines to get them to work better and to keep them in top notch shape. These days, engine repair is oftentimes done by professional technicians, mostly because engines have become exponentially more complex.

Other engine repair san diego services include engine overhauling and engine rebuilding.

An engine overhaul is when an engine is removed from the engine compartment, broken down into its individual pieces, and then cleaned on a part-to-part basis. While disassembled, the engine parts are inspected and repaired as well as cleaned. After all parts have been cleaned, inspected, repaired, and replaced, the engine is put back together again.

Engine rebuilding is the same as an engine overhaul except that the service is more extensive; not only is the engine overhauled, but it is done so by a manufacturer approved facility. If a rebuild is done, the engine is effectively wiped clean of its previous operational history.




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