Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair

An exhaust leak happens if a part in your exhaust system is old enough to fail and break open, or if it is torn open by something on the road. You can tell an exhaust leak might have happened if you hear a lot of noise coming from the exhaust system.

This happens if the breakage occurs somewhere before the muffler. If the muffler isn’t quieting the exhaust, you will hear the full noise behind the exhaust system, which is rather significant. This noise can be rather embarrassing and can get annoying pretty quickly. Even if you ignore the sound after a while, an exhaust leak is still going to fail you on any inspection you get done and will make the car or truck difficult to sell.

If you’re pragmatic and don’t care about how your car sounds, consider the fact that an exhaust leak can decrease your fuel efficiency. Once patched up, the exhaust system should get improved gas mileage and better performance. If you need an exhaust leak repair in San Diego, come to the highly recommended auto shop, Mr. Car Auto Shop, especially if you own a foreign vehicle model. We’re your local, full service auto repair shop!




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