Fluid Leak Repair

Fluid Leak Repair

Best and affordable service for leak and collision repair in San Diego, Ca. If you’ve been noticing fluid leaks from your vehicle either trailing behind your vehicle as you drive or pooling underneath you while your car is still, you will probably need to get it checked out.

Most likely, the fluid you see is just water from the air conditioning (which on a hot day will naturally condensate as the A/C works), but there is a chance it is something more important and more indicative of a problem. If you can identify the fluid, you can determine the source.

Antifreeze (coolant) Leak – an antifreeze leak is fairly common and isn’t too serious, but it still needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The importance of the coolant in your car cannot be overstated; if you have no coolant in your car, there is no way for your car to regulate its temperature and your car will inevitably overheat. Antifreeze is also toxic and animals will be attracted to it because of its sweet smell and taste. You can identify a coolant leak by its usual green color, though some antifreeze is bright orange or even pink.

Gasoline Leak – If you have a fluid leak that smells like gasoline, you have a gasoline leak. The biggest problem with this is that you’ll lose gas faster than you ought to and will have to go back to the gas station more often and spend more money.

Oil Leak – An oil leak can be dangerous if you don’t get it addressed, as it can cause severe engine damage. Oil either has a yellowish color if new or a dark brown color if old.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak – this fluid is bright red when new and dark red when old. This fluid is the lubricant of your transmission as well as the coolant. If you notice a transmission fluid leak, get it fixed fast as it can ruin your transmission, which can be expensive to replace.




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