Fuel Injections

Fuel Injections

The fuel injection system of your car or truck is responsible for delivering a proper air/fuel mixture to the engine. The fuel tank holds the gas, the fuel pump delivers it, and the fuel injector is what places it.

The carburetor is what used to do the job of the fuel injector, but was replaced by the fuel injector because of how thoroughly the fuel injector eclipsed the carburetor. This is so because the carburetor cannot match the high pressure fuel injection system, which uses a narrow opening to force fuel through at a very high rate.

Because the opening is so narrow, the fuel injector is susceptible to blockage from deposits and sediments in the oil, especially if your fuel filter is broken. If you experience trouble starting your car, sluggish response when you press on the accelerator, odd sounds, or engine stalls, you might have a fuel injector problem. An EFI is merely a fuel injection system that works electronically rather than mechanically. EFI stands for electronic fuel injection.

If you need fuel injection system repair in San Diego, come to Mr. Car Auto Care; our experienced auto mechanics are certified to work on any fuel injection system. Our specialty is foreign models from such auto companies as Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, and Toyota. If you need fuel injection system repair on any of these, we’re the auto shop to see.




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