Power Steering

Power Steering

Power steering is so called because it augments the power that a driver is able to exert over the steering system. Power steering works with either hydraulics or electricity, but no matter how the power steering system is set up to work, what it does remains unchanged.

Power steering as a system makes it to where a driver is not directly exerting pressure to turn the wheels; rather, the driver exerts minimal strength to the power steering system and the power steering translates that minimal force into enough power to turn the wheels. Without power steering, it would take significantly more exertion from the driver to accomplish the same steering wheel turn.

If the power steering system fails, you’ll know it. It will suddenly be much more difficult to turn the steering wheel and get the car going in the direction you need it to. Though you as a driver can still manually turn the wheel without power steering, it will make driving a tiring and unsafe experience. This breach in safety is a result of being unable to turn as fast as you may need to under unexpected circumstances. Say a car cuts you off and you need to move left or right to avoid a collision. You may not be able to fast enough if you’re fighting to turn the steering wheel.

Power steering fluid is a lubricant in the power steering system that keeps the system operating efficiently while keeping the parts from grinding on one another. If you need a power steering fluid flush, we can help.




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