Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

The radiator is the part of your engine system that keeps the engine from overheating. The cooling system of your car is vital to engine performance as an overheated engine cannot operate. The radiator works by dispelling heat out of the engine compartment. It does this by way of coolant. The coolant is a liquid, sometimes water and sometimes a solution, which is pumped through the engine compartment by a water pump.

On its circuit, the coolant passes through the radiator. The radiator dispels the heat that the coolant collected as it passed over various engine parts. Cool again, the coolant makes another round through the engine and gathers more heat.

The coolant needs to be replaced every now and then for the cooling system to function properly. To replace coolant, a radiator flush needs to be performed. The radiator flush will get the old coolant out of the system after which we will refill the cooling system with fresh coolant.

We can perform any auto repair, especially on foreign models. Our specialty is foreign models, so if you own a Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, BMW, Kia, or whatever else, bring it in today for a radiator flush or any service you may need.




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