Mr. Car Auto Repair Shop – The radiator is a major part of the engine cooling system in automobiles that use an internal combustion engine. The radiator is designed to dissipate heat into the atmosphere around a vehicle and to distribute heat evenly across the engine. The radiator works with the coolant (radiator fluid) in order to accomplish this.

The coolant is pumped through the engine compartment on a closed loop; on this circuit, the coolant is heated up by the hot engine. As it passes through the radiator, the radiator cools the coolant by dissipating the heat it is carrying.

The coolant is commonly circulated by way of a water pump. If you need water pump replacement in Solana Beach, we can help.

The radiator is generally placed at the front of the engine compartment, right behind the grille. This is so the forward movement of the car will run cool air directly onto the radiator, helping the radiator do its job by keeping it cool.

Our car auto repair shop is also specialized in European brands.




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