Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are required in some states on an annual or semi-annual basis. California does not require these safety inspections, but mechanics and auto shops throughout the state still offer a safety inspection service. This service is useful for anyone looking to buy or sell a car as a safety inspection by a certified mechanic or trusted auto shop is a form of validation for the condition of the car.

If you’re selling your car, it might be in your best interest to get a safety inspection before you put your vehicle on the market. When a buyer comes along, you can assure them of the purchase by showing that the vehicle has been checked out and approved. This can work as a strong bargaining chip, giving you a leg up on negotiating a price.

Alternatively, as a prospective buyer, you may want to request that the seller gets a vehicle inspection performed. If you’ve already bought a car, it is a vital step that you have an independent, unbiased mechanic look over the car you’ve purchased to find if there are any faults.

As you can see, though not required by law, a safety inspection in California is still a useful service; if you need a vehicle safety inspection in San Diego for any reason, come to Mr. Car Auto Care. Our mechanics are certified and know what to look for. We emphasize thoroughness when we inspect a vehicle so that we don’t miss a thing. Come in today!




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