Scheduled Tune-ups

Scheduled Tune-ups

An automotive tune-up is a highly recommended regular maintenance task that ought to be performed approximately every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. A tune-up is sometimes referred to as a major service, which is an accurate name, as a tune-up can become an involved service. This is because the aim of a tune-up is to find and repair or replace (depending on the part and condition) all parts that are not normally serviced, checked on, repaired, or replaced. These parts include such things as spark plugs and fuel filters.

These oft overlooked parts all have recommended service lifetimes that are relatively lengthy compared to other parts, but they are not meant to be used indefinitely. The fuel filter can become clogged, which will choke off the flow of fuel to the engine and starve it, thus preventing the engine from working. Alternatively, the fuel filter may break due to wear and age. If that happens, then the sediment and impurities in the oil will not be caught by the fuel filter and will proceed to enter the engine with the fuel, causing damage that could do a lot of damage to your engine and perhaps necessitating a costlier repair.

The spark plugs are also not meant to last forever, though they have generous lifespans. These are just two examples of parts that would be checked upon and most likely replaced during the process of a tune-up. There are many more and, as you can see, even durable, relatively minor parts can cause catastrophic damage and engine failure if not repaired or replaced.




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