Serpentine Belts Replacement

Serpentine Belts Replacement

The serpentine belt is an engine belt that performs a wide variety of roles within an internal combustion engine. The serpentine belt is rather astounding because of how many functions it performs within the engine of a car or truck. Most of these roles were taken over by the serpentine belt from other belts that it obsoleted.

The devices that the serpentine belt regulates include the alternator, water pump, air conditioning, power steering pump, air pump, and other devices. Before the serpentine belt, all of these had separate belts to run them.

The advantages of a serpentine belt are numerous; by clearing out the multiple older belts, the engine compartment is less cluttered. The serpentine belt is also naturally thicker than the belts it replaced, which means that it is more durable to stress and less likely to break. Tension may therefore be applied in greater measure, which means that the belt has a better grip and isn’t prone to slipping. This means the serpentine belt lasts longer and is mechanically more efficient than the older belts.

The major disadvantage is that if the serpentine belt does break, all of the devices that it drives will go down. This doesn’t happen very often. However, if it does happen to you, come to Mr. Car Auto Care. We can do a serpentine belt replacement in San Diego for you. We specialize in foreign makes and models, so if you’ve got a European or Asian brand, bring your car to us today.




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