Sway Bar Linkage

Sway Bar Linkage

The sway bar (also known as an anti-roll bar or stabilizer bar) is a suspension part on an automobile that helps to minimize the body roll of a vehicle on irregular road condition or under irregular driving maneuvers. Examples include uneven road surfaces, such as off-roading, and fast cornering.

The sway bar is what prevents the cabin of a car from tilting to one side or another during driving. For instance, if you take a turn sharply, the stabilizer bar is what keeps your vehicle’s cabin relatively upright so that you, the driver, do not experience any significant roll to either the left or right. The sway bar accomplishes this by forcing each side of your vehicle to lower or rise to similar heights despite the effects of gravity and inertia.

The sway bar is what is responsible for giving you the feel that your vehicle is “hugging” the road during a fast, tight turn. For the most part a sway bar is recommended for driving, especially for general road purposes.

If your sway bar seems to be broken or damaged, bring your car or truck to Mr. Car Auto Care. We specialize in foreign makes and models, but we work on all types of vehicles. If your vehicle needs sway bar replacement in San Diego, we’re the auto shop to see.




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