Your engine’s cooling system is monitored and controlled by an engine thermostat. The thermostat not only monitors the temperature of the engine, but is also a valve that opens once an engine has reached a certain temperature. This temperature is set at a level congruent to the engine’s optimum operating temperature.

This valve will open then when the engine’s temperature is optimal for performance, preventing the engine from heating up beyond this point. Conversely, if the engine starts to cool down too much, the valve will close, but this is rare, as a running engine generally has problems staying cool, not hot.

The car engine thermostat measures the temperature of the coolant, which is directed through the thermostat as it makes its circuit of the engine. Once the thermostat reads coolant of an acceptable temperature, it will open. The thermostat is constantly adjusting, opening, and closing, depending on the temperature and the circumstances. Everything from driving uphill to going downhill can affect what the thermostat does. The thermostats primary goal, no matter the circumstances, is to keep the engine at optimum temperature, which is defined as the engine’s temperature at which it is most efficient and performs best.

We can handle all foreign makes and models. We’ll check out your cooling system and determine if the car engine thermostat is the issue.




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