Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

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Tire rotation is a service that works to preserve your tires as a set. Tire rotation entails taking each tire off and moving it to another position on your car so that each tire is in a different location. This is so that each tire in the set can wear evenly, which will overall increase the amount of time you have with your current set of wheels before buying a new set.

This works because tires wear out more or less depending on their location. Each vehicle is different, but so is each tire on a vehicle. For example, on any given vehicle, the tire directly under the driver might experience more wear (as is often the case) due to the fact that the driver’s weight is always directly on top of that particular tire. Front wheels might also wear faster because of the weight of the engine.

So say that the tire under the driver is wearing faster, if you rotate a tire from the back to its position and move the driver tire to the back, the driver tire will experience less stress while the tire from the back will begin to wear faster. This is also beneficial to control, as a set of evenly worn tires will work better together, rather than having three tires in good shape and one tire in poor shape.

A tire rotation ought to be on your list of automotive maintenance tasks if it isn’t already. A tire rotation is much more affordable than a set of new wheels! We service all foreign makes and models.




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