Transmission Flush

Transmission Flush

Your transmission also uses a lubricant, like many other engine systems and car parts. In fact, the transmission may be one of the most dependent on lubricant when you consider the nature of a transmission: metal gears grinding against one another as you drive and shift. That can create some friction and without lubricant the motions inside of a transmission can destroy the transmission from the inside as gears grind against one another without any form of protection.

This isn’t something to put off or forget: if your transmission is damaged enough that it needs to be replaced, you’re looking at a pretty big bill, upwards of around $2,000. A transmission flush is a cheap, easy, and vital service. If you don’t remember the last time you got one done, the answer is probably too long.

If you have old transmission fluid and you need a transmission flush in San Diego, come to Mr. Car Auto Care. If you have a transmission fluid leak, we can help you solve that problem as well.




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