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The transmission of a car is a very important system; a lot rides on it (pun intended if you chuckled). The transmission interacts with the engine, drivetrain, and the driver of the vehicle. Not only does it interact with each, but it is through the transmission that these things all interact with one another. You see, the transmission is what takes the power produced by the engine and transfers it in a controlled manner to the drivetrain. The driver, meanwhile, is able to determine the level of control of this transference.

The transmission of a car or truck is either manual or automatic (other transmissions exist, but most are just variations or hybrids). Whichever you have, both perform the same role, albeit in different manners.

The manual transmission is more hands on than the automatic transmission. Of the two types, the manual is older. Manual transmission, though deemed inconvenient to operate compared to an automatic, is surprisingly a more elegant transmission system. A manual transmission is simpler in design, lasts longer, is easier to repair, and boosts fuel economy.

To contrast, an automatic transmission is more complicated, wears out faster, is more difficult to repair, and has a slight disadvantage in fuel economy. An automatic transmission is also more expensive to buy when you compare two of the same model, one with an automatic and one with a manual transmission. Despite all of this, the automatic transmission provides such a level of convenience and demand is so high that automatic transmission is far more common. Because of automatic transmission’s popularity, money and research continue to improve automatic transmission systems. Most of the reasons why manual transmissions are superior are quickly going out the window as automatic transmission closes the gap.




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